Dr Katja Hogendoorn is a researcher connected to the University of Adelaide where she studies bees and crop pollination. She has more than 35 years’ experience with bee research in four continents. She has studied and published on the foraging, nesting and mating behaviour of a range of bee species. She also finds and describes new bee species, runs bee conservation projects, promotes the use of honey bees to deliver biological control agents to flowers and of native bee hotels as an educational tool. She has investigated some native bees species for their potential to pollinate lucerne and she is co-author of the Ag-guide for Australian native bees which is a treasure trove for those interested in pollination of Australian crops. Together with Prof. Andy Lowe, she leads a multi million dollar project titled ‘Securing crop pollination through revegetation’, a project that investigates the actions growers of the main South Australian pollination dependent crops (apple, pear, almond, canola and lucerne) can undertake to support their pollinators.